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Get instant access to the latest e-learning technologies. Gain access to a wide variety of exclusive resources—including hundreds of hours of digital content, tools for Bible research, critical insight, spiritual nourishment, an invaluable e-library and more…The NEW Benny Hinn School of Ministry Online provides an amazing new way to study the bible. With our enhanced study programs, powerful e-learning tools, and a virtual worldwide community of fellow students, you can prepare yourself for ministry or pursue a deeper understanding of God’s word.

When you access the NEW Benny Hinn School of Ministry Online, you gain immediate access to the most powerful learning tools and memorable teachings on faith, prophecy, prayer, healing, health, Holy Spirit, and more.We have added hundreds of hours of new videos, audio teachings, downloads, pictures, articles, daily inspirational messages, student profiles, online bible tools that are all included in your course enrollment for free!

Even if you have taken one of these courses before, you will have an entirely different experience as you embrace these new learning tools and interact with with like-minded students from around the world, joining together for anointed times of fellowship and connecting.

As a World Healing Fellowship Member you will gain access to 3 free courses of your choice and 50% off every other course, including future courses!

20 Powerful Courses

The Latest E-Learning Technology

Upcoming, Ground-Breaking Courses

In addition to the 20 powerful courses available now, be watching for more upcoming ground-breaking courses that are designed specifically to help you grow spiritually, to inspire you, and to dramatically improve your study of the Bible.


Express Courses
Today’s fast-paced world often leaves little time for the most important things.

By popular demand, the Benny Hinn School of Ministry Online is now offering Express Courses, specifically created for people like you, with hectic schedules. They are shorter—2-3 hours completion time compared to longer courses.

Powerful Keys to Unlock Your Understanding of the Bible

Progress Tracking
Easily follow your individual progress through each class by checking your progress bar each day. It is prominently displayed so that you know exactly how far you have progressed towards earning your certificate.

Internet Radio
In cooperation with Benny Hinn Ministries, access online and portable radio programming which provides 24 hours of anointed teaching and worship music to compliment your bible studies.

Verse of the Day
Start every day with a fresh word and this powerful Bible verse feature as you take an incredible spiritual journey while you discover God’s deep desire for intimacy with you through His precious Word.

Your Life E-Magazine
Grow into a deeper fellowship with God through insight and news from around the globe. Discover all that He wants you to become through hundreds of exclusive inspirational materials for you.

Course Certificate
Upon successful completion of each course, you will receive a beautiful certificate, ready to be framed and proudly displayed in your home or office. Each new certificate an impressive addition to your collection of achievements.

Resource Library
Each course includes unique supplemental learning content to enhance your understanding of the subject matter and for fun! The resource library will be your one stop for articles, inspirational images, videos and more.

“As a college student, I didn’t think I could take on any other commitments, but the flexibility of these on-demand courses and on the anointing on my course was so strong, I knew that it was time well invested. Thank you Pastor Benny!”–Armando V, student



“These classes have revolutionized my Bible studies, and connecting with other students around the globe has transformed my life with such encouragement and shared faith.”– F.C., Student



“I work unusual hours on my job, so it is hard to take Bible classes in a traditional setting. Benny Hinn School of Ministry online is perfect for me. I can set my own schedule, yet I am learning so much! And being able to link with other students is awesome!”–Pete, student

Proudly Display Your Certificate of Completion

course certificate example

There are many courses (and many more coming soon) available through the new Benny Hinn School of Ministry Online, and upon successful completion of each course, you will instantly receive a link to download and print your beautiful certificate, ready to be framed and proudly displayed in your home or office.

Not only is each new framed certificate an impressive addition to your collection, but it represents spiritual growth, biblical study, and a desire to develop a deeper walk with God.

Even more important, as you continue going through each systematic Bible study, you will see dramatic changes of spiritual growth in your life as you prepare for future ministry opportunities.

Plus, each new certificate that you receive establishes and strengthens the common bond that you share with thousands of other School of Ministry students who have completed these unique, life-changing classes.

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Thank you, Benny Hinn Ministries and World Healing Fellowship, for sowing inspiration into the ministry of Restoration Christian Center. The Pastor’s Conference in September at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center, the Denver crusade, and the unforgettable World Healing Fellowship has touched a spark of enthusiasm within our ministry
I have found the most professional competency, enriched with a Christ-like gentleness in every contact I have made to your ministry. The World Healing Fellowship has benefits that are most helpful to me as a pastor, benefits which I could not afford to secure on an individual basis.
I have been around the word. During my years of ministry, I have seen a lot of people, but I have never ever experienced an anointing on anyone like Pastor Benny Hinn. I thank God daily for what He has done through Pastor Benny Hinn.
God challenged me and told me to pay my own way and to request to go along with Pastor Benny on his upcoming crusades. God said that Pastor Benny has so much to offer and release to pastors and leaders that we must get in position to receive it from him. He said that there was no one in the world with an anointing like Pastor Benny Hinn. He said the torch would pass one day, and pastors and leaders needed to get in place to get the transfer from Pastor Benny, so that the next generation could be impacted.
I have been around the word. During my years of ministry, I have seen a lot of people, but I have never ever experienced an anointing on anyone like Pastor Benny Hinn. I thank God daily for what He has done through Pastor Benny Hinn. We will continue to pray for and support this man of God so that thousands of lives around the world can be changed through the power of God. To have sat in the presence of such an anointed man of God is a humbling experience that I will cherish always.