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The advantages of membership in the strategic global alliance of World Healing Fellowship are even more crucial as we seek to impact the world, both now and for eternity! With your membership enrollment, you will gain a number of exclusive benefits and blessings. These are exciting days as we use the latest technology to equip, encourage, and establish a common bond with ministers around the globe.



Participate in interesting, time-sensitive forums on a variety of topics that relate specifically to ministerial leaders like you. It’s easy to access, simple to participate, and provides unlimited potential for personal expression and spiritual growth.

Experience instant access to the new PastorConnect chat room, ingeniously designed with drag-and-drop features for you to chat with me and other leaders, to meet new ministry friends, and open new windows of insight and doors of opportunity for yourself and your ministry. If you aren’t already, you will be chat room proficient in no time!

Access to ongoing resources, including digital audio and video downloads, e-books, exclusive devotionals, sermon notes from Pastor Benny’s over 40 years in ministry, powerful teachings, and life-changing resources by such ministry generals as Dr. Benny Hinn, Dr. Jack Hayford, Dr. Oral Roberts, Rex Humbard, Lester Summrall, Kathryn Kuhlman, and many more!

Receive exclusive invitations to live PastorConnect broadcasts, World Healing Fellowship teachings, and join with like-minded ministers who want to make an eternal difference for the kingdom of God with heart-to-heart mentorship with other seasoned leaders and myself.

  • Audio Teaching Downloads
  • Thousands of Hours of Ministry Teaching Videos
  • Topical Discussion Boards
  • Chat Rooms for Pastors
  • Private Member-Only Payer Wall
  • Direct Phone Number to text Pastor Benny
  • PastorConnect e-mail address for Pastor Benny
  • Special “Invitation Only” Events for Members
  • Personal Ministry Files from Pastor Benny
  • Continuing Education Resources
  • Pastor Benny’s Personal Sermon Notes
  • Membership Certificate & Card
  • New & Information for Pastors
  • Photos from Pastor Conferences & Ordination Ceremonies
  • Hundreds of pages of downloadable materials
  • Tools to enhance your Ministry
  • Ideas and Templates for newsletters, brochures & more
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Like so many in ministry, I was acquainted with the healing promises of God but had rarely seen changed lives.  All of that was altered, as the encouragement and principles learned at various Benny Hinn Ministries events transformed my ministry.

It was at the invitation of a crusade physician, Dr. Dan Gordeuk, that I attended a Benny Hinn Ministries event.  He had seen the power of God and wanted me to experience the same at a crusade.  I found myself seated in the first row, square in front of the pulpit.  I presume God knew I needed extra attention by seeing things up close!  My spiritual world was rocked.  By the second crusade I was invited to be on the platform by a staff person.  No one knew that I had prayed through the night that God would show me all He wanted me to see.  By the last evening, while others pastors were up on their feet praising God, I was on my knees with my face in the fabric of the chair in front of me!  The power of God was so intense; I realized I needed to change.  I told the Lord I would never hold back what I knew of the Holy Spirit again.

Over the next years, through the kindness of the Benny Hinn Ministries staff, I have continued to learn about the power of God and the ministry of healing.  Being in fellowship with Benny Hinn Ministries has changed my life, my family, and has deeply affected the church I pastor.  Almost immediately, a new dimension of anointing spread in my ministry.  We now have a weekly Sunday evening healing and anointing service.  It has been a continuous stream of transformed lives.  It is just awesome to watch Jesus heal and liberate people today!

I cherish the relationships I have made through my association with Benny Hinn Ministries, and they are among the most treasured in my life.  Pastor Benny speaks to my heart; it is just that simple.The recent pastors’ conference in Dallas is just an example of what is available.  I have never come away from a conference as deeply challenged, encouraged, and focused in ministry. When you walk out the door of a conference, and realize you already miss the people, something dynamic and meaningful has happened.  Being a part of the World Healing Fellowship has opened the doors for this growth.  I encourage you to get involved!

Pastor David Janssen

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We are so excited to share some screenshots from the growing array of resources available to World Healing Fellowship Members with brand-new interactive, communication center in World Healing Fellowship, designed specifically for pastors, Christian leaders, and co-laborers around the globe who desire to ignite an eternal impact for the kingdom of God.

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Thank you, Benny Hinn Ministries and World Healing Fellowship, for sowing inspiration into the ministry of Restoration Christian Center. The Pastor’s Conference in September at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center, the Denver crusade, and the unforgettable World Healing Fellowship has touched a spark of enthusiasm within our ministry
I have found the most professional competency, enriched with a Christ-like gentleness in every contact I have made to your ministry. The World Healing Fellowship has benefits that are most helpful to me as a pastor, benefits which I could not afford to secure on an individual basis.
I have been around the word. During my years of ministry, I have seen a lot of people, but I have never ever experienced an anointing on anyone like Pastor Benny Hinn. I thank God daily for what He has done through Pastor Benny Hinn.
God challenged me and told me to pay my own way and to request to go along with Pastor Benny on his upcoming crusades. God said that Pastor Benny has so much to offer and release to pastors and leaders that we must get in position to receive it from him. He said that there was no one in the world with an anointing like Pastor Benny Hinn. He said the torch would pass one day, and pastors and leaders needed to get in place to get the transfer from Pastor Benny, so that the next generation could be impacted.
I have been around the word. During my years of ministry, I have seen a lot of people, but I have never ever experienced an anointing on anyone like Pastor Benny Hinn. I thank God daily for what He has done through Pastor Benny Hinn. We will continue to pray for and support this man of God so that thousands of lives around the world can be changed through the power of God. To have sat in the presence of such an anointed man of God is a humbling experience that I will cherish always.